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August 31, 2018

The Darkest Unknown Mysteries Behind The Momo Challenge

The Darkest Unknown Mysteries Behind The Momo Challenge : 

You may have heared about the Blue Whale Challenge, which has trapped numerous kids far and wide. Presently another game that has turned into the focal point of talk over the world, it is the Momo Challenge. This is likewise a Suicide game.

Numerous individuals have gone so far in this game. There is a progression of tasks through which it achieves the last undertaking of play. The last task is to challenge the player to give his life.

Two cases of in India have so far been covered. A few states have issued police warnings to this game.

What Is Momo Challenge?

It is said that this challenge initially began on Facebook where individuals were requested to associate with an unknown individual through an  unknown number. There are reports that the connection to this game is being communicated by means of Whatsapp. 

Case - 1

As per the media report in Argentina, a 12-year-old young lady had committed suicide previously. He had recorded a video before her suicidal. The police presume that he has been forced to do such thing. 

Case - 2

The police is being hunt down the 18-year-old man who was in contact with that young lady. Police say that the youngster has been hacked for the pursuit of the young fellow and the discussion between the two is being evacuated. In the year 2016, the Blue Whale Game spread fear in the entire world. Around the globe, numerous youngsters grasped demise in this current game's undertaking. 

The Mystery Behind The Name "Momo Challenge"

As indicated by a well known news entrance, Momo is a prominent online networking account which is dependent upon WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. It has a photo of a doll which has enormous eyes and its unsafe highlights. Through this, criminals are being made to draw in the consideration of kids. 

What Kind Of Tasks Are There In Momo Challenge?

Any individual who came into the spotlight gets a progression of difficulties through the Momo account. The player needs to finish it with the goal that he can get the last 'Momo'.

As indicated by media reports, the vast majority of these undertakings are brutal and prompt Suicide in the last. On the off chance, that somebody declines to play the game in the middle of, at that point Momo cautions him to endure extreme results. 

How They Choose Their Targets?

In the first place, the client gets an unknown number, which is given a test to state the Hi-Hello. At that point a test to converse with that unknown number is given. When the Hi-Hello user gets frightening pictures and video from the suspicious number, the clips start to come.

At that point the user is given some work, which is not that good. The user moves toward becoming constrained to confer suicide by their murdering intimidation.

On social media sites, individuals are searched through the status of individuals who want or going to commit suicide.

The Mystery Behind The "Momo" Image

In this game, a photograph is used, in which a young lady is obvious, which has gigantic eyes and her whole face is horrible. Its face is exceptionally startling, this is its character!

As indicated by a report, Momo is nothing other than the icon of "Mother Bird" made by Japanese craftsman and Vanilla is highlighted in Horror Art Gallery in Tokyo.

What Parents Should Do?

  • Inspire your children to say no to Momo Challenge. 
  • Talk to your kids. 
  • Understand them and understand their feelings.
  • Talk to them openly. 
  • Let them realize that they can tell you everything that is going on in their mind.
The notice says, 'It would be ideal if you make your kids mindful of not playing this game. Offer any information/action about this game with neighborhood police. Momo Challenge has so far trapped two individuals in the state.

In the mean time, businessperson of Eastern Burdwan area Parth Biswas filed an F. I. R. in the police that he had gotten a challenge to play Momo game. The person has blocked the number and given the data of the issue to the Cyber ​​Cell of the District Police. 

How To Save Yourself?

In the meantime, digital specialists trust that there is no such complicated issue , it is simply using a photo by a few people to take the individual data of the general population. What's more, individuals are being panicked. Maintain a strategic distance from any such horribe challenge. The general population is trying to block the number and report the police.

The peril of the Momo Game Challenge is expanding in India! And our common demand is that you don't save any unknown number in your phone and on the off chance that somebody sends you a photo of Momo at that point promptly block that number and call the police! 

The Role Of Our Government Against The Momo Challenge

The government is presently taking careful steps to manage this danger. Bengal CID has issued warning to this! Preceding this, Uttar Pradesh Police and Mumbai Police have likewise issued warnings.

What's more, Mumbai tweeted to make individuals mindful that 'to avoid this Momo'.

Something to think about, How about collaborating with us on the wide know broadly #Dial100 , on to the unknown numbers, to beat the challengers in their own particular game!

After the Blue Whale game, Momo Challenge has come, which has sank individuals from America to India as well.

West Bengal CID, today issued an open notice and covinced the general population to contact the police on the off chance that they get an encouragement to play a Momo Challenge game. In perspective of the expanding reports of welcoming individuals to play such horribe games or challenges from unknown individuals, there has been a notice of CID on Twitter.

Announcing Momo Challenge as another deadly game via social media networking, CID has instructed guardians with respect to kids to quit playing their youngsters on the web.

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August 30, 2018

Unmasking The Most Unknown Mysteries Of Taj Mahal

Unmasking The Most Unknown Mysteries Of Taj Mahal : 

Discussions of Taj Mahal are well known everywhere throughout the world, its name is taken in seven wonders of the world. We all know this, that Shah Jahan had made this for his spouse Mumtaz, anyone who had recounted the tale of this excellent romantic tale that puts a man in wonder, yet there is such a mystery, to the point that we all are unconscious of. What's more, in the present article I am going to unmask those secrets of Taj Mahal. So we should think about Taj Mahal's unknown insider facts ... 

Vampire Artwork

In the craftsmanship of the Taj Mahal, 28 sorts of valuable stones brought from China, Tibet and Sri Lanka were used. But, these uncountable valuable stones were removed from British time by the Britishers. It is trusted that these valuable stones can make anyone greedy all through the minute they saw the stones.

The Colour Of Taj Mahal Changes

By hearing this, you will be surprised that the colour of the Taj Mahal changes. Additionally, as per the different times of the day, the Taj describes itself in various colours. In the event that you look toward the beginning of the day, the Taj looks pink, at night it looks white and twilight during the evening.

Black Taj Mahal's Dream

It is important to take note of that in the unmasked mysteries of the Taj Mahal, that Shah Jahan was not fulfilled simply in the wake of making the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan had a dream that he had made a white Taj Mahal for his Bibi Mumtaz. He needed to make a dark Taj Mahal for himself. But, when Shah Jahan's child Aurangzeb imprisoned him, his dream was broken.

All The Fountains Work At The Same Time

On the off chance that no fountain is set up on the general floor then it is associated with the pipe yet in the Taj Mahal, a copper tank is made under each and every fountain of the Taj Mahal, the whole tank fills in the meantime It just begins working.

When Shah Jahan Saw The Taj Mahal For The First Time

At the first time, when Shah Jahan saw the Taj Mahal, he was extremely proud of himself and stated, "This won't just recount the account of affection, yet will likewise accuse every one of the individuals who will keep their foot on this Pak arrive and the moon-stars will vouch for it" 

Construction Of Taj Mahal's Minars

In the event that you take a look at the Taj Mahal's Minars , you will see that the four minars are tilted towards each other, which is built so that amid the lightning and earthquake, there is no harm to the fundamental monument. At the point, when the Taj Mahal was a work in progress, they took some special care while building up the Minars. 

Deep Impact Of Yamuna River On Taj Mahal

The base of the Taj Mahal is based on the wooden structure and Yamuna river flows near it, which maintains the moisture and keeps up this quality of the Taj. On the off chance that there was no Yamuna river, then it could be relatively impossible to make it. 

12,000 Tourists Every Day

The Taj Mahal is at the highest point of the most visited buildings in a particular day on the whole world. To see this, 12,000 tourists from everywhere throughout the world come to Agra consistently. 

Expendeture On Taj Mahal

At the point when Taj Mahal was made by Shah Jahan, around then the cost of the Taj was roughly 32 million USD. Whose cost is today 1,062,834,098 USD. It's extremely costly, isn't it?

Shah Jahan's Entry Was Banned In Taj Mahal

Shah Jahan was banned to enter the Taj Mahal amid the last days of his life. Because of genuine sickness his child kicked Shah Jahan because of the war of progression. His child Aurangzeb murdered every one of his siblings and shut his dad Shah Jahan in the jail dividers. Shah Jahan was not permitted to enter the Taj Mahal. He was only given the permission just to see the beautiful Taj, from the grounds of neighboring living arrangement. 

Attack On Taj Mahal

In 1857 revolt, the Taj Mahal was assaulted and it was harmed. The enemies hurt the landmark with stones and weapons. At the end of the nineteenth century, Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of British India, redesigned it in 1908 and restored the garden. 

Dissection Of All Artisans Is Probably A Myth

A myth amongst the most widely recognized legends about Taj Mahal is that the arms of all architects were cut by Emperor Shah Jahan. But, the builders of the Taj Mahal who manufactured the Taj Mahal had the establishment of the Red Fort under their administration. 

Taj Mahal Is Taller Than Qutab Minar

Tajmahal is five feet tall from Qutab Minar. Different landmarks around the globe are taller than Taj Mahal. 

Taj Mahal Was Covered To Protect From The Fighter Planes

The Taj Mahal was assaulted during World War II. Around then the British had totally secured the Taj Mahal with bamboos and joint with the US Army. This made the effort to go around the war planes of Japan and Germany. Photographs of the Archeological Survey of India, Agra Circle Office, were taken in the year 1942. 

In The Memory Of The Beloved Wife

Everybody realizes that Mughal head Shah Jahan had manufactured Taj Mahal in the memory of his third spouse, Arjumand Bano Begum, who is known as the most well known Mumtaz Mahal, when his wife Mumtaz passed on the birth of fourteenth child, Shah Jahan couldn't forget his memory and he needed to recall her dependably, he had manufactured the Taj Mahal to keep Mumtaz's memory eternal. 

Completed Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the world's most uniform structures. The standard of self-imitating and homogeneity has been used in totally incomparable mehod, geometry and engineering all around the Taj Mahal. The picture of people on the two sides of the fundamental minar rises as they both are revering it. 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August 29, 2018

Realme 2 Review | The Perfect Budget Phone

Realme 2 Review | The Perfect Budget Phone 

Oppo's online accessible brand Realme was launched in India not so long ago. Tell us that Realme 1, is an Amazon exclusive product, while Realme 2 is an Flipkart Exclusive product. This smartphone has been presented with an amazing cost of Rs 8,990. 

Design And Display :

Realme 2 is available in Diamond Red, Diamond Blue and Diamond Black Colors. On the back of the smartphone, this diamond look is made of nanoscale composite material and 2.5D glass which gives different shades of colour in different lightning conditions.

Fingerprint marks and little scratches are not that much applicable on this smartphone. The oval design fingerprint sensor and dual camera setup is given on the back of the smartphone.

When we talk about the display, the smartphone has an design like the iPhone 10 with 19:9 display proportions. The smartphone's display is 6.2 inches.

The display is furnished with 88.8 percent screen-to-body proportion and 2.05mm bezel. This will give the users nearly bezel-less experience. Because of the vast screen, users will get good gaming experience on the smartphone. Users can likewise effortlessly do multi-tasking in the smartphone by using split screens.


In the same way as other smartphones this year, Realme 2 also adapts dual camera setup. It has 13MP + 2MP camera module. The camera offers flexibility to record video at 1080p and 720p. The smartphone has AI textification, and in front camera HDR and Bokeh mode are supported. The photos taken from this smartphone are ideal from posts to social media  based life.

Regarding itemizing and sharpness the camera gives pretty good quality. In the crash of Xiaomi's Redmi Devices, the smartphone gives great picture quality. The smartphone has a 8MP camera for Selfie. Front camera is additionally ideal for posting Insta Stories.

 Hardware And Software:

Realme 2 has a 1.8Ghz Qualcomm 450 octa-core processor made up of 14nm process. This processor was produced by Qualcomm for longer battery life and low power utilization.

The smartphone has 3GB and 4GB RAM in the processor. We have tried 4GB RAM variant and in the result, we have seen that, outstanding graphics games can be played on this Realme 2 smartphone. This smartphone has likewise been  focusing on gamers too.

The smartphone company have worked in game space for gamers. This gaming feature is consequently activated as the game loads.

The smartphone likewise restrains a few capacities by identifying it while running the game. However, after  playing the game after sometimes, the smartphone is warmed. We have played some shooter games and after a hour the smartphone was very warmth. In any case, the performance of the smartphone stays great in the middle of the gaming. Indeed, even on multitasking experience, the device is great.

The smartphone has 64GB of storage. In any case, the storage available to users is 50GB. Color OS version 5.1 deals with Android 8.1 Oreo. The sound quality of the device is additionally clear. Realme 2 is dual sim smartphone and provide us dual 4G-volte.

There is additionally an availability to clone the application on the smartphone. With this feature anyone can present on two social media platforms or WhatsApp accounts. 


An massive battery of 4230 mAh is given in the smartphone. The company has given the USB Type A charging port in this smartphone. This phone survived one day easily without charging while testing the phone. Light Gaming, Calls, Whatsapp, and Amazon Prime were easy tasks for this smartphone.

The company guarantees that the smartphone has the AI ​​Power Manager, which controls the power utilization by the application and saves power. This feature works very well, and prevents applications from running out of sight and due to this, the battery life upgrades. It can also be balanced or controlled by the user too.

Unlock password, pin, pattern, fingerprint scanner are here for data security in the smartphone. The fingerprint sensor opens quickly. It has also given the AI Face Recognition. Aside from this, smart unlock feature is also given in this smartphone.

Under this feature, the spots or apps where users go regularly, it smartly detects the area of those spots. After this, this feature will put these areas in trusty situations. Whenever the user goes to that area, the smartphone will naturally open.

Price And offers:

This smartphone has been presented in two variants. The primary variant is furnished with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage, which is worth Rs 8,990. And the second variant is presented with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage, which is valued at Rs 10,990.

The main offer from Diamond Black and Diamond Red Color variants of this smartphone will begin from September 4 at 12. In the meantime, Diamond Blue Color variants will be sold in the start of October. Then, a special offer of Rs 750 will be given to the installment of HDFC card. Furthermore, Jio Users will likewise get 120 GB data and up to 4200 double advantages. This smartphone can likewise be acquired on No Cost EMI. The company has now annonced its second phone Realme 2 in India.

The Darkest Unknown Mysteries Behind The Momo Challenge

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August 28, 2018

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review | Flagship killer

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review, the Flagship killer phone with ultimate specifications

Xiaomi has had a dream run within the few couple of years specially in India. We can gauge its reputation from the truth that in Q2,2018, top 4 out 5 best promoting smartphones in India were from Xiaomi (as according to IDC). But, in spite of a lot popularity, Xiaomi couldn’t gain the equal achievement with its flagships in India and that’s the sense why in previous few years Xiaomi has barely launched 2 smartphones above Rs 20,000 in India and each didn’t do fine for the company.

At the same time, some other chinese startup, OnePlus, took a similar online path as Xiaomi and fantastically hooked up a firm footing within the premium smartphone segment. With its new sub-brand Poco, Xiaomi mean to challenge OnePlus in its turf, ultimately.

Poco F1, initial smartphone the brand new Xiaomi brand Pocophone, too comes with a truly truly competitive price. It’s the cheapest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 smartphone within the globe that too by a huge margin (come to think about it, OnePlus as well began off at almost the equal price in India some years ago).

Can the Poco F1 compete the Asus Zenfone 5Z and OnePlus 6? let’s dig deeper to find out solutions in our Xiaomi Pocophone F1 review.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review: Design and Build Quality

Xiaomi has handled to Poco pretty high-quality specifications for the price but it’s yet again slicing corners with the design. The Poco F1’s body is completely made from plastic and the handset clearly doesn’t encourage that premium view and feel as you’d get from other modern glass or metallic body smartphone.

The soft-touch kevlar back alternative feels surprisingly better in hands however the experience is unique to the premium-priced version.

Xiaomi’s sense behind apllying polycarbonate is that each one-glass body smartphones are extra fragile consequently public slap a case which hides their aesthetic attraction besides. metallic body, alternatively, way they need to compromise on both battery size or weight of the smartphone. But, with polycarbonate, they don’t need to cope with such issues and of course, it's far cheaper which allows them maintain the price of the smartphone within price range.

For a person whose task includes cycling via countless phones, we’d respectfully disagree. we're all in for a properly-designed polycarbonate body smartphone [Like, say, Vivo V9 and LG Q6, however the design and the way your smartphone appears and feels naked performs an vital task in distinguishing it and has an effect at the every day enjoy. Even while you slap a case on it.

Chunky bezels on each chin and forehead of the display don’t assist Poco F1’s case either. Xiaomi as well did a few saving via not choosing oleophobic coating and the display of the smartphone is a smudge magnet. Like iPhone X, the Poco F1 has a reasonably huge notch however all that area hasn’t been stick to waste. Xiaomi has used it nicely via in addition to an earpiece, selfie camera, IR emitter and receiver for facial recognition.

aside from that, there’s a SIM tray at the left, standard volume rocker and power on/off key at the right side, a speaker grills and USB type C port at the bottom and a 3.5 mm audio jack on upper side. The Poco F1 feels kind of heavy and weighs 186 grams with approximately 9mm waistline.

What all this indicates is that the Poco F1 phone is really no longer a head turner when it comes to design. In fact, opponents just like the Asus Zenfone 5Z and OnePlus 6 could better match the bill in that class. Even Nokia 7 Plus (overview) and Xiaomi’s Mi A2 (assessment) sense also more premium than Poco F1. Having said that, you may’t have all of it. The superb price that the base variants gives makes the design further than forgivable.

Xiaomi Poco F1 review: display

The Xiaomi Poco F1 sports a 6.18-inch display with 18.7:9 aspect ratio. It’s an IPS lcd panel which has 1080×2246 pixels resolution, a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and might attain 500nits brightness. Xiaomi is utilizing Gorilla Glass 3 safeguard to guard your screen from incidental scratches.

At default settings, the Poco F1 display gives nice colors and contrast. But, we observed the Poco F1 display seems a lot better ones we switched to more contrast and fiddled a bit with colors. Daylight legibility wasn’t a worried for us with this smartphone.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review: Performance and Software

This gadget looks great as far as execution. In the smartphone you get the Snapdragon 845 chipset which has demonstrated the best Qualcomm chipset up until this point. To keep the display far better, you have been given 256 GB of UFS 2.1 capacity with 6GB/8GB RAM choice in F1.

Xiaomi guarantees here that this phone has been presented with Liquid Cooling Technology which can be seen just in Samsung's High End Phones S9 + and Note 9. With the assistance of this innovation, the gadget can fend off the warming from the issue. 
To test Poco's this cooling innovation, we played the PUBG game persistently for some time, whose designs and graphic settings were high. Amid this test, we didn't perceive any issue like frame drops and the whole time gaming background remained very great. We trust that the phone was extremely hot toward the finish of the test however it very may be ignored. Multitasking Experience likewise shows signs of improvement and there is no uncommon issue.

In Poco F1 you additionally get the facility of IR based Face Unlock with the fingerprint sensor. When setting up the Face ID, Xiaomi himself has said that Face Unlock is somewhat less dependable than fingerprint sensor and pin unlock.

Fingerprint sensor and face recognition are both quick yet the fingerprint sensor is speedier and more exact yet. Face Unlock now and again demonstrates some trouble in perceiving the face.

Presently we should discuss the product, here you keep running on MIUI 9.6 custom skin. Xiaomi has additionally rolled out a couple of improvements to the custom skin for its Poco F1, the most conspicuous among which is the Poco Launcher, which likewise gives you an app drawer. 
Above all else discuss Poco Launcher, Xiaomi has incorporated an app drawer in its MIUI skin while focusing on user input. Here you get an application drawer inspired by Google's pixel launcher, which likewise offers search bar and gesture support on the base.

Aside from this, you likewise get third-party icon pack support in Poco Launcher. Aside from these, there has been an adjustment in the quantity of couples who might love to utilize the phone. Aside from this, the product is the same as previously. We didn't care for the quantity of pre-introduced applications given in Pocophone F1 however they can be erased.

There is additionally a product bug in MIUI skin accessible in Poco that the company can settle through future programming refreshes. 

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review: Camera

The camera of Poco F1 is reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi8, which was recently launched in China, which may before long be launched in India. In Poco F1, you have been given dual camera setup on the back, with 1.4MP pixels, f/1.9 aperture and dual pixel phase detection with 12MP IMX363 Sony sensor. As a second sensor, Samsung has a 5MP deepth sensor. On the front Oppo F1 gets a 20MP selfie camera, which additionally includes pixel binning. Optical picture adjustment isn't given in both front and back camera setup.

The camera application is given similarly as other MIUI based smartphones. The design of the application is very basic and simple. Notwithstanding changing the mode with life and right sliding on the screen, here you have given modes like flashlight, HDR and AI.

The camera of Poco F1 gives you a greatly improved execution in view of your cost. In Daylight, the gadget can tap on a superior picture with a decent powerful range, which looks very more honed on the screen. Once in a while the picture gets somewhat finished immersed yet Poco F1 is fit for conveying a superior picture with Auto HDR mode in low-light. The picture gone up against the night meets with a little noise and somewhat less deatails of interest.

Poco F1 likewise has a picture mode which, as per the value, works like our own. In a considerable measure of pictures, it enables the edges of the protest be appropriately obscured to the foundation. The 20MP selfie camera performs well and at this entryway we figured out how to get a decent selfie picture. We utilized a portion of the picture modes in the selfie camera and clicked that picture in the light, the picture was superior to our desires.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review: Battery and Audio

Poco F1 has a huge battery of 4000mAh which is in excess of OnePlus 6 and Asus Zenfone 5Z. We have been utilizing this gadget for right around a week and once the battery did not baffle us at all. Indeed, even subsequent to utilizing gaming, web surfing, online networking applications, calling, media content in the smartphone, the gadget can serenely back one day.

To charge the greater battery rapidly, Xioami has additionally been given the Charger of 18W with Quick Charge 3.0 help here. Amid the test the gadget was energized to 40% in around 30 minutes.

Talking about the sound, the amplifier is set in the Poco phone F1 at the base and earpieces likewise give stereo impacts while filling in as a speaker. With Dirac HD sound help, this gadget gives a greatly improved sound yield as indicated by this value section. But, the output acquired by earpieces amid giving isn't great a role as we anticipate. 

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review: What will prove value for money device?

In Poco F1, you get a great deal of particular by cost. We trust that it isn't exceptionally alluring as OnePlus 6 or Asus Zenfone 5Z, yet keeping the detail as a mid-range smartphone, we will consider it a decent choice. Poco F1 gives you the best equipment, dependable camera setup and an incredible battery. These three things matter to the mid-run gadget that are accessible in Pocophone F1.

Taking a gander at such an alluring value, Xiaomi has fixed the intensity of the 20 to 30 thousand rupees, after which we can simply trust that the company can finish the supply with popularity.

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